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Red Kalimantan
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Unmistakably red.

Kalimantan is the Indonesian name for the island of Borneo - while in America we call the Indonesian part of Borneo "Kalimantan."

Our Kalimantan Red Vein (mitragyna speciosa) is another type of Red Vein but with an unmistakable deep red hue - and almost no green colorA good alternative to Red Vein Borneo, Kalimantan Kratom is known to be strong with a heavier aroma. This Kalimantan Red is ground to a very fine powder and is 100% natural like all kratom that we stock.

Red Kalimantan is known for a stronger relaxing aroma that makes it excellent for calm evening times.

Click on the weight selection box above to toggle between our 25 gram tin, and our 125, 250, and 400 gram bags. Bad at the metric system? 

1/8 kilogram = 125 grams = 4.4 oz
1/4 kilogram = 250 grams = 8.8 oz
400 grams = 14.1 oz


Sold as a bulk botanical with no directions or claims.